//Install LogMeIn on your Windows Desktop or Server
Install LogMeIn on your Windows Desktop or Server2018-08-17T09:23:22+00:00

Install LogMeIn Remote Desktop Support Software

Step 1 of 12: Click this link.

Step 2 of 12: Put a checkmark in the box – I have received this link from a trusted Source and choose continue.

Step 3 of 12: Choose Download Now.

Step 4 of 12: Once the file has been downloaded Run the installer.

Step 5 of 12: Put a check mark in the box and choose Next >.

Step 6 of 12: Choose Next >.

Step 7 of 12: Choose Typical and Next >.

Step 8 of 12: Choose Next >.

Step 9 of 12: Software will start to install screen may flicker just let it run one it is installed you will get another window. (The name and domain are covered in the screenshot for security reasons, you name and domain should show up instead.) Choose Finish.

Step 10 of 12: Two windows will open up; one small and one big. In the small window it may ask you for username and password, click the X on the top right.

Step 11 of 12: When you try and close the window you will get this pop-up. Put a check mark in the box and Choose Yes.

Step 12 of 12: On the window that remains, choose About, it should show similar to the screenshot.

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