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Hosted E-mail Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Office 365

E-mail is one of the most important components of your business’ communications infrastructure. It provides a fast, effective and easy to use system. High reliability E-mail systems require a significant amount of resources: storage, bandwidth, redundant network connections, security and careful management.

With all of our E-mail service offerings, we include advanced spam filtering and malware detection so you will only receive the E-mails you want. You can feel sure that you information is being safeguarded with industry-leading anti-virus, anti-malware and anti-phishing protection.

Additionally, when you sign up our team can help you migrate your existing mail boxes with little to no disruption of your E-mail for you and your users.

We offer E-mail service on our private Microsoft Exchange servers which are located in a major Canadian data centre for consistency and reliability.

AGMN also offers world class ultra-high reliability and globally distributed E-mail service through Microsoft Office 365, a globally accessible cloud-based service. In addition to E-mail service with Office 365, your company can also purchase licensing to other commonly used Microsoft products, such as Microsoft Word for documents and Microsoft OneDrive for the ultimate solution in file storage.

All E-mail services are accessible from anywhere with an Internet connection and they work with E-mail client programs on the web, desktops, laptops and mobile phones.

AGMN Hosted E-mail Exchange

  • Hosted in Toronto, Canada Data Centre, meeting data location compliance requirements

  • Managed by the AGMN team to ensure consistency

E-mail with Microsoft Office 365

  • Your data is duplicated across different servers in different data centres to ensure reliability

  • Technical settings, business rules and networking are completely transparent, allowing your business to perform with a continuous workflow

  • Your business can easily acquire licensing for additional Microsoft Office products, attaching the license to your Office 365 account