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Web Services We Provide

Web Services in One Place

Web services is now becoming an essential infrastructure for personal brands and companies. With the high explosion in information technology, people use web to find the information for products, services and contact informations. People is becoming more and more rely on the internet. Web services cover a wide range of services, basically everything that is serving people to gather information from the internet can called a web services.

Our company start these services for over 10 years. Rich experience makes us confident to serve customers better. We generate innovate concepts, we listen to the customers, we do our services dedicated for each customer. We provide the all in one services for all kind of customers, no matter you are a personal brand builder, a start up company owner or an industry lead. We have solutions for your next growth.

All different services, for all different company levels, in one place.

If you are new to this, give us a call or leave us a message so we can provide customized plan for you and your company.

Web Design

Affordable, Reasonable

A basic website offers you the ability to list detailed information about the services and products your company provides. This includes your business hours, location, and other contact information.

No hidden charges. Simple deployment in days.

Reliable, Amenable

Web design is not just what you can see in the front, but also what you cannot see but important things at the back. Some companies only do the front part to show to the customer which are not experts in this industry. We provide complementary updates and maintain services to our customer.

Regularly check, obligation driven. 

Web Services in AGMN, Web Design, build website

Suitable, Advisable

We build and design websites for our customers with their real needs. We listen. We learn our customers’ industrial and provide suggestions based on that. We discover how the competitor is doing and provide executable improvement suggestions.

Continuously thinking at your perspective.

Professional, Capable

We use leading techniques to design and keeps everything up-to-date. Our technicians are capable with the cutting-edge techniques and follows scientific patten to do the designs.

Everything you want, technically, possible.

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Canadian Web Hosting

Hosting & Plus

Hosting is important for your customers. Unlike most of the other company providing the server in other country to save electric, our server are 100% located in Canada with a specific location in Toronto and Quebec. This ensures the faster responsive time for you and your customers.

With our Web Hosting Plus plans, you get not only the web hosting but also the managed services we provide. You don’t need to hire a tech guy for that, they are all include.

Canadian, 100%

Web Services are usually require a server environment to provide the services. Better server usually gives more possibilities to the customers. Less lags, more capabilities. Our servers are 100% located in Canada for Canadian Web Hosting. This is ideal for people who wants more focus on local business.

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Web Services in AGMN, Canadian web hosting, web hosting

SEO Toronto

Web Services in AGMN, SEO Toronto, SEO services, SEO expert

Do it Once, the right way

SEO Toronto (Search Engine Optimization in Toronto) is the service we provide specially for Greater Toronto Area customers. Our team will travel to your place, discuss and meet with your brand builder, marketing people. We educate the concept and do it together. We do it once, the right way.

Services that you can Actually See

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can bring your site to the top of search engine’s(Such as Google, Bing, Yahoo) organic search result page.

With a lot of local companies within the same industry competing for the same organic keywords online, better SEO can make you stand in front of most of them. This can also bring massive amount of potential customers to your website.

Our SEO Services usually provided within the development of the website, so we do it right at the beginning.

However, if you already have a website done by other people, we can also help to make it better.

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Web Application Development

Customized & Fills real need

A Web Application (Web App) is a software application that runs on a remote server. Some of the them are running on the internet and some are on the intranet.

Web Application is usually design for specific tasks such as making reservation or appointment, notify when customer reaches, customized online survey, customized internal workflows, etc.

Web Application is popular because most computer and devices have web browsers, so user do not need to install any new software before use.

Stable & High Performance

Web Application usually require technician to maintain, such as fixing bugs, improving running speed, optimize user experience, etc,. Our technician is experienced in this area for over a decade, we follow the leading edge methods in software development. The application that we build is equipped not only stable and reliable, but also high performance and secure.

We believe that none of your data is useless, we provide emergency recovery and automate back up. We also provide continuously patch and maintain services to ensure quality. We could also provide User Experience enhancement service upon request from our chief UX Designer.

Web Services in AGMN, customized web app design, web application development, web app development

Online Marketing

Web Services in AGMN, Online Marketing, Online Marketing Strategies, Online Marketing Plan

Always on the page

Online Marketing services contains online services consultant, marketing analysis, competitor analysis and Online strategy advisory. Our experienced consultant will assist  you with all your business need regarding the online services. During the smooth communication, you will always on the page.

Add-On Services

Scalable & Measurable

Why paying much but getting some services that you don’t need? We provide different Add-On Services for some of our packages. So  user can easily plan and scale their works.

Web Services in AGMN, Add-ons Services, Add-On, Additional Services.