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Achieving efficient communication and reducing excessive costs are important business requirements.

Private Branch Exchanges (PBXs) are the gold-standard in call management; they handle many lines at once with features such as automatic attendants and greetings, voice mail, vacation and seasonal greetings and much more. AGMN will integrate the communication services and PBX equipment into a single system, making it easy to use and maintain.

AGMN offers two delivery models for Private Branch Exchanges, on-premises PBXs and hosted PBXs.

Hosted with AGMN in a Data Centre PBX

  • Lower initial setup and equipment costs

  • Low monthly service cost

  • Data centre has world-class physical security and back-up power systems

  • Easy to provision extra lines

  • No maintenance costs for the data centre PBX. Note: All on-premises equipment such as phones and network devices are still the responsibility of the customer.

  • Upgrades and new features are included when the PBX software is updated

  • Certain extended features such as conferencing may come with additional fees depending on service package

PBX at your Business (On-Premises)

  • Higher setup and PBX equipment costs

  • Maintenance fees can be expensive and come as a surprise if components fail

  • Lower monthly costs

  • Redundant power back-up systems are highly recommended

  • Higher bandwidth requirements on-site

  • Can be integrated with on-site software systems such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software