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Cyber Security: A growing priority for organizations

Cyber security continues to be a growing priority for organizations of all sizes, across all industries. With new threats appearing on a daily basis and attackers continuously evolving their techniques, it can be extremely difficult to keep up. If you seldom feel confident you’re making measurable progress and getting ahead of the game, you’re not alone.

Canadian SMBs hit by ransomware paid out
$5.7 million over 12 months in 2017

- Scalar Decisions Inc. Feb 08, 2018

To help understand how cyber security is evolving and offer insight into what’s coming next, here are 6 telling stats that provide context:

  • 77% of attacks that successfully compromised organizations in 2017 utilized file-less techniques. (Ponemon Institute)

  • One-third of all attacks are projected to utilize file-less techniques in 2018. (Ponemon Institute)

  • 69% of organizations don’t believe their antivirus can stop the threats they’re seeing. (Ponemon Institute)

  • 4 out of 5 organizations replaced or augmented their existing antivirus solution in 2017. (Ponemon Institute)

  • Only one-third of organizations believe they have adequate resources to manage security effectively. (Ponemon Institute)

  • Worldwide cyber security spending will reach $96 billion in 2018. (Gartner Group)

How do you fight an infection you may not even know you have?

The best answer is preventing it in the first place, and organizations need to prioritize preventative measures like replacing legacy antivirus solutions with stronger, more modern endpoint protection, instead. That will help address the threat of cryptomining malware installed on machines. For malicious browser-based cryptomining, organizations and users can consider installing extensions like No Coin, minerBlock, NoScript, and ScriptSafe.

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