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The number of devices connecting to networks shows no sign of slowing down, and applications are consuming ever-increasing amounts of bandwidth. Administrators must deploy wireless networking that meets mission-critical standards and can deliver the performance needed to provide high-quality, reliable wireless services.

AGMN field technicians are trained to identify your complex needs for WiFi networking and configure a design in any number of environments such as:

  • Elementary school classrooms
  • Warehouses
  • Nursing homes, hospitals and clinics
  • Hotels
  • Office cubicles


If inquiring, here is what you would be looking for:

  • Type of site – office, cubicle, warehouse, single room motel/hotel, etc.
  • Floor plan and ceiling height – e.g. office (10 ft./3 m), warehouse (20 ft./3m), gym (30 ft./9m)
  • Construction materials and obstructions – e.g. concrete, brick, drywall, elevator shafts
  • Number of floors